Three Ways PR Can Help Grow Your Business in 2022


“You Can Do More For The World Than You Think.”

Inspiring words that sum up entrepreneurship and the new crop of founders driving positive change with their businesses. From brands like Upstreet Craft Brewing, helping Canadians find their balance with non-alcoholic beverages like Libra, to Duckish Skincare, creating sustainable and plastic-free shower and skincare products, these start-ups are prime examples of businesses doing things differently. Competition is fierce, and this David and Goliath story is playing out across North America in the retail aisle and online storefronts. Being in the PR business for over 20 years, I have had the privilege of working with start-ups to industry heavyweights, and I always prefer being on David’s side. There is something addictive about making the impossible possible and helping challenger brands get to the next growth stage. The thrill of getting a national TV segment for a client, seeing their online sales blow up and connecting them with new customers and partners inspires me every day. 

I started BeCurious to help disruptive entrepreneurs spread the word and grow their businesses. Whether I am working with a brand 1:1 or sharing PR Foundation tips that can help entrepreneurs do their PR, getting brands on the radar is what I do. 

If you are on team David and need help going toe to toe with Goliath, here are three ways that public relations can help grow your business in 2022. But first, let’s get clear on what PR is and isn’t.


How Can PR Help Your Business?


1_Builds Awareness 

Press coverage, influencer posts, speaking opportunities, and awards help reinforce your brand story and connection with your audience. This credible third-party content can be used across a brand’s website, social media, and digital marketing to reinforce a message and encourage customers to take action. A beauty editor including your product on a segment on the Today Show will attract new customers to your site and encourage them to purchase. Sharing the clip across your social channels and in your digital ads creates social proof that attracts new customers to your brand and allows you to build a mutually beneficial relationship.


2_Increases Your Credibility

Competition is a fact of life. In the CPG space especially, hundreds of new products are launched a month. A well-placed article, influencer post, or podcast interview is more believable than your own marketing. Why? It is a recommendation from that expert, whether a news outlet or an influencer, to their audience. It’s powerful because it’s an unbiased opinion of your brand or product and naturally encourages the audience to learn more about what your brand or product has to offer.  


3_Shows Momentum 

Do you want to launch a new product at Sobeys, Shoppers Drug Mart or Sephora? PR is one of the ‘it’ factors that can help get brands on store shelves. Retail partners are on the hunt for the next big thing. When they look at indie brands, positive press and influencer coverage show brand buzz, customer momentum and loyalty. For Upstreet Craft Brewing and Libra, positive press coverage has reinforced that it’s a brand to watch and paves the way for future retail partnerships. It also gives brands a reason to stay on retail partners’ radar by sharing the latest press hits and news.

These are just the top three reasons to add PR to your marketing mix in 2022. If you are an entrepreneur or marketing leader in David’s position who is taking on Goliath, an integrated PR strategy is a must. Book a discovery call to see how PR can build your awareness and credibility and take you to the next level in your entrepreneurial journey. For those entrepreneurs just starting, stay tuned for more PR tips that will help you build a PR foundation that can grow with you.